Physical Therapy in The Woodlands

Motion Physical Therapy, located in The Woodlands, endeavors to restore every patient to the highest level of human performance using cutting edge science, human kinetics and technology. Physical Therapy professionals customize treatment plans for each patient in order to decrease pain, promote function, and avoid disability. Our physical therapists can also customize fitness and weight loss programs in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent injuries due to exercise.

The Woodlands physical therapists are highly knowledgeable, and bring over two decades of experience in treating patients in an orthopedic sports medicine setting. Our patients represent a wide range of abilities including professional athletes, weekend warriors, pediatric patients, and elderly community members. Physical therapy treatment specialties in The Woodlands include: patients with joint replacements, post-operative care of arthroscopic treatment, degenerative joint disease, sports injuries of the shoulder, knee, ankle and hip, foot biomechanics, spine disorders including scoliosis, TMJ, and head and neck disorders. Each patient receives individualized care and Motion Physical Therapy in The Woodlands offers a complete range of services, including: Continue reading “Physical Therapy in The Woodlands”