Sports Therapy

Sports Medicine
noun : a field of medicine that relates to the prevention and treatment of injuries and other health problems that affect people who play sports

This is the definition of sports medicine by Webster’s dictionary. This field includes Physicians and Physical Therapists that have a passion to return people to their activity of their choice or sport. Sports are played at a variety of levels and can include professional sports, high level of amateur sports such as the Olympics and or college athletics. They can also include a physical activity for personal satisfaction or group social activity, such as completing a marathon or playing in a weekend recreational league such as softball or soccer.

As the definition suggests, the field of sports medicine has two goals related to injuries which occur during athletic events. The first goal is prevention of injuries. The Physical Therapists of Motion Physical Therapy are always working to prevent injuries in athletes by supplying education through proper training and stretching and performing screenings to identify potential issues which may arise. The desire to prevent injury before it occurs is quite important in the sports medicine field to ensure that individuals may continue the activities they enjoy in a safe and effective manner.

The second goal of sports medicine is treatment and rehabilitation of the injured athlete. An injured athlete is highly motivated to return as soon as possible to the athletic activity they enjoy. The treatment protocols at Motion Physical Therapy are designed to be active partnerships between the athlete and therapist to ensure the shortest recovery time possible with the greatest outcome.

To achieve these two goals of sports medicine it takes a combination of knowledge, skill, experience and technology. Motion Physical Therapy strives to utilize a combination of these attributes.

The therapists at Motion Physical Therapy are highly motivated to preventing, restoring and achieving the highest level of human performance possible. They have studied and specialized in many treatment techniques and protocols designed to improve function and increase performance. These techniques are continually honed to ensure that the athlete is getting a highly effective treatment session to achieve their goals. The therapists at Motion Physical Therapy average over 25 years of experience in treating all levels of athletics from youth leagues to professional and Olympic level athletes. Additionally, Motion Physical Therapy utilizes high levels of technology to keep the athlete conditioned and healthy. This includes the underwater treadmill to allow early running activities and cold laser to increase the rate of tissue healing. Motion Physical Therapy has utilized the industry’s best technological advances to ensure rapid healing and  success for athletes.

Motion Physical Therapy embodies the true definition of sports medicine therapy no matter the level of athletic competition or activity. The therapists at Motion Physical Therapy are always available to consult with athletes in order to achieve goals of increased athletic performance.