Special Services


  • Class IV Laser – uses deep penetrating laser light to promote healing at the cellular level. The laser assists with reduction of pain, scar tissue and jump starts the healing process.
  • Core strengthening with Pilate’s Reformer – we utilize a state of the art body balance Pilates reformer to assist with the strengthening of the abdominal and back extensor muscles. This is very important in treatment and prevention of back injury.
  • Manual Therapy Techniques – utilizing massage, soft tissue mobilization, and muscle energy techniques to facilitate and improve tissue repair.
  • Joint Mobilizations – providing “hands on” treatment applied to joints through out the body to improve joint motion, normalize joint function and assist with pain control.

At Motion Physical Therapy in The Woodlands, it is our goal to restore you to your highest level of performance at your daily activities, your job, or your sport through our treatment. 

  • Myofascial Release – soft tissue mobilization involving  “hands on” treatment to release fascial restrictions in the body. The release of these facial restrictions can assist with reducing of pain, swelling and restoration of proper soft tissue mobility.
  • Cervical and Lumbar Traction – using Saunders traction units to provide unloading of lumbar and cervical spine to assist with the reduction of localized and radiating pain.
  • Kinesio Taping – utilizing special design tape to help with pain relief, reduction of muscle fatigue and spasm, improve contraction of a weakened muscle fatigue and spasm, improve contraction of a weakened muscle, improve movement of lymphatic fluids, help with correcting movement patterns and even assist with posture.
  • McKenzie Principles for Cervical and Lumbar Impairments – teaching self-treatment exercises to reduce and eliminate pain and assist with the return to normal activities of daily living.
  • Total Motion Release – movement oriented assessment system that identifies movement imbalances and exercises applied to improve the imbalances and reduce the restrictions. The patient will learn ways to assess and treat themselves.