Gait Training

Walking can be very difficult for a patient following a spinal cord injury, head injury, stroke, or for those suffering from Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, and other neurological rehabilitation of these various conditions.  For many patients, reducing the weight bearing and providing trunk support makes it possible to be able to train weak muscles in the walking motion.  Gait training provides a repetitive task which is favorable for motor learning.

Studies have shown that gait training leads to a better recovery of ambulation by improving walking speed endurance and reducing physical assistance required to walk. This has make it possible for a sixty year old Multiple Sclerosis patient to get back to walking with his walker again, as well as drastically improve the walking distance, speed and endurance of a none year old young lady suffering from Rett Syndrome. These are only a few of the success stories seen with the use of our gait training.