New Scoliosis Treatment Program in The Woodlands

Motion Physical Therapy is now offering conservative management of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in The Woodlands. Scoliosis is a three-dimensional spinal deformity that requires a specialized approach to address the unique curve pattern of each patient. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is the most common type of scoliosis. It has no definitive cause, but usually occurs in children after the age of ten.

At Motion Physical Therapy we offer a proactive approach based upon the Schroth Method. A conservative management of scoliosis, the Schroth Method began in Germany in the 1920s. This method was developed by Katharina Schroth and focuses on strengthening and stretching exercises to de-rotate and elongate the back into a more normal posture. Further developed by her daughter, physical therapist Christa Lehnert-Schroth, it has become the standard, non-surgical approach to treating scoliosis in Germany.

Our physical therapist is certified in 3-D scoliosis treatment based upon Schroth principles. He will provide a thorough assessment and develop an individualized treatment plan based upon your unique curve pattern. Our program will utilize specific stretching and strengthening exercises and, if necessary, specialized bracing to influence your child’s condition in a positive manner. Our goals of care for adolescents with scoliosis are to: Continue reading “New Scoliosis Treatment Program in The Woodlands”

Do you have Tennis Elbow?

Living in The Woodlands keeps one extremely busy and our lifestyles have tied us to long stretches of computer use. These type of repetitive motions in a static position can place increased stress on the body. A commonly affected area is the outer elbow in which the tendons of the forearm and hand attach. Inflammation in this area is called lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a condition that is caused by chronic exhaustion and strain in the muscles that lift the wrist, hand and fingers, (the muscles located on the back of the forearm), and/or an inflammatory condition of their tendons.

Tennis elbow can be felt as a hot, sharp pain at the elbow itself, or as more of an aching pain that spreads from the elbow to the hand and wrist that could indicate a more muscular cause of tennis elbow. Many physicians believe that micro tears in the tendons surrounding the elbow is the source of tennis elbow pain. The pain is usually worse with gripping of the hand with the elbow in an extended position.

What can be done regarding treatment options for tennis elbow?  Continue reading “Do you have Tennis Elbow?”